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Mini Nose Hair Trimmer ( Buy 2 Get Extra 10% Off )

Mini Nose Hair Trimmer ( Buy 2 Get Extra 10% Off )

Mini Nose Hair Trimmer ( Buy 2 Get Extra 10% Off )

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Mini Nose Hair Trimmer

No more tears or cringing when cleaning and trimming your nose. Just squeeze the handles of the Nose Hair Trimmer to rotate the ultra sharps interior blades to experience precise and safe nose hair trimming.

No batteries required! Easy to use

How To Use:
Step 1: Insert trimmer slightly into nostril by holding the tool with thumb and forefinger. Place the cutting heads approx 1/5 inches into your nostril. (Be sure to clean the area with warm water before use.)
Step 2: Squeeze handle to rotate the sharps interior blades, trimming visible hairs only. Maintain rotating movement during cutting to avoid unpleasant pulling.
Step 3: Clean tool after use with a brush to remove excess hair from in between blades, or directly rinse it with water.
Step 4: Dry at a well-ventilated place.
It might need some practice to adjust the operation for first uses - the trimmer is designed to trap hairs to cut. Once you're used to it, you will find it a much better tool to use.

Durability: Made of Stainless steel. Designed to be used for a long period of time.

Cleaning Procedure: Wash and dry after use. The trimmer comes with a brush. No soap needed. Just use water.

Compact and small in size.