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Knee Discomfort Relief Plaster ( Buy 2 Get Extra 10% Off )

Knee Discomfort Relief Plaster ( Buy 2 Get Extra 10% Off )

Knee Discomfort Relief Plaster ( Buy 2 Get Extra 10% Off )

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The human knee houses the most complex joint in our physical anatomy, and different causes have been known to hinder its perfect function of mobility and bodily support. From arthritis to injuries during sports causing severe pains to the knee, the need for a lasting pain relief solution becomes utmost.

The new Knee Discomfort Relief Plaster helps relieve all knee-related pains fast!

Ingeniously blended from an array of potent ancient Chinese Roots and Herbs, the Knee Pain Relief Patch comes with 12 medicated stickers with ingredients that are easily absorbed into your skin to help warm the joint so you feel quick relief.

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  • HELPS HEAL KNEE INJURIES due to sports fall, middle-aged knee problems, cold knee, meniscus injury, arthritis, bone hyperplasia, ligament injury
  • SPECIFICALLY DESIGNED for maximum absorption into the knee so you can feel relieved instantly.
  • PROVIDES DIRECT RELIEF to any affected area of the knee without the side effects of regular medications
  • HARNESS HEALING QUALITYof Wormwood Leaf Extract for anti-inflammatory and pain relief benefits
  • HAS 12 MEDICATED stickers in one pack
  • Size (including packaging): 15*13*1.5cm
  • Apply for 4 to 8 hours each time.
  • Apply continuously for 7-10 days to feel initial results. Apply everyday up to 30 days for maximum results.
Knee Pain Relief Patch (12PCS)


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